Thursday, May 13, 2010


One of the most recent emerging trends in HDTV are 3D TV’s. These TV’s are just breaking into the market and as history has proven, they are starting are pretty outrageous prices. Many manufacturers expect 3D HDTV’s to really break out in 2011.

Many HDTV manufacturers including LG, Sony, Samsung and others are producing, selling or have announced 3D TV’s in size ranges from 42-inches clear up to 72-inches. Many of these well-known manufacturers are gearing up for the new wave of HDTV viewing, 3D enabled HDTV. In fact, Sony is predicting that half of all HDTV sales in 2012 will be 3D TV’s.

As with most new technologies, 3D HDTV’s will likely be out of most people’s price range for some time. Additionally, many people are predicting that viewing glasses will be a separate purchase and could be upwards of $200 per pair. If you have a large family or like to entertain, this could be a significant cost.

Although 3D HDTV’s will be pricey for many years to come, we can only imagine how TV, movies and video games will begin to adjust. Media viewing will be a completely different experience 10 years from now and video games will be more and more interactive.

Where can I see how it works?

Those interested in getting a firsthand look can check out two display models at Best Buy: a 50-inch Panasonic Plasma 3D HDTV ($2,969.99) and a 55-inch Samsung LED 3D model ($2,499.98).

What does it look like when it’s turned on?

The 3D TV set promises a vivid, three-dimensional picture that previously could only be seen in movie theaters.

Will I need 3D glasses?

To get the full effect, yes. And you’ll need special 3D glasses at that.

The familiar blue-and-red lens spectacles used in movie theaters won’t work at home. Active shutter glasses designed for use with the TVs have liquid crystal lenses that rapidly lighten and darken over each eye to affect the three-dimensional image. The glasses are synced to the display through an infrared or Bluetooth signal and are powered by a battery.

Can you watch TV without the glasses?

You won’t need the glasses when watching 2D content on a 3D TV. Watching 3D content without them, however, results in a double image.


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