Sunday, May 16, 2010

Samsung UE40C7000 LED LCD TV - Samsung 3DTV - SAMSUNG 3D TV

The Samsung UE40C7000 3D TV has a n elegant design with outstanding features such as Internet@TV and Freeview HD Tuner. It also offers an excellent viewing experience with the three dimensional images, which require additional 3D glasses The 40-inch UE40C7000, the first 3DTV to hit the market, is as ground breaking as an industrial digger. It so benefits from such a swathe of technological advancements that it is a massive evolutionary step. It is a TV that's well worth waiting for.Physically, it borrows much from Sammy's previous generation of LED TVs, and also has a similar backlight system. Where some manufacturers (and Samsung, initially) adopt rear-firing LED bulbs behind the action - giving them the ability to switch zones of them on and off to control extreme brightness and black levels - the C7000's are side-firing. This affords the screen a slimness a Girls Aloud'er would, literally, die for. And, thanks to cunning filtering systems between the pixels and the front glass, contrast levels are at similarly high numbers to its rear-firing cousins - the best of both worlds.The 3D technology implemented on all Samsung 3D TVs including the UE40C7000 is the active shutter (also known as alternate-frame sequencing) variant powered by RealD. Requiring the use of shutter glasses dubbed “3D Active Glasses”, Samsung’s 3D technology works by first blocking the left and then the right lens to deliver alternating images to each eye to create the illusion of 3D depth.If your after a top of the range 3D television with all the bells and whistles then you really should take a close look at the UE40C7000 3D TV be samsung, the picture quality on this television is amazing!


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